Smart Sticky Add To Cart

by ENS Enterprises

Boost sales with smart sticky add to cart button and Quick buy

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About Smart Sticky Add To Cart

This app will boost your sales by adding "Add to cart" button to every product in your store, a sticky bar on product pages and a floating sticky cart button. It will make it easier to add products to the cart. Your customers will now buy more products and spend more money in your store.

Sticky Buy Button gives your customers a better user-experience while allowing them to immediately act upon their decision to buy. It's always visible and ready for clicking.

That friction is costing you sales!

Why use Stickify?

  • It makes the shopping experience easy for customers and is visible at all times on the product description page
  • It makes the checkout process faster by skipping the cart page and redirecting the customers directly to the cart page
  • It allows customers to quickly select variant & quantity from the variant & quantity dropdowns

Fully Customize Sticky Cart to Match Your Store

You are able to modify the button text, button colour, text colour, the type and the text family of the "Add to Cart" bar/button to match your online store perfectly.

Easy to install

The app is ridiculously easy to install and customize!

  • Install zip code validator at your store.
  • Install zip code validator at your store.
  • Enable the widget function from settings.
  • Zip code validator widget is visible on the product page at your store.
  • Now customers can enter the area zip code and check if the product is available at his/her location or not.

See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

View Example Store