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Get attention, sell more with moving text and animated icons

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About Tabicon

Why Tabicon are important:

When customers open your website and look at the browser tab text, they will get a moving text on it with animation. Customers search for products online they usually compare products and prices on several shops. Here you have an opportunity to drive attention to your shop by making tab text moving or blinking.

  • This app is quick and light. It doesn’t affect your shop page’s performance or load speed
  • Without any additional setup or technical setup, you get your tabs text moving or blinking few clicks
  • Use this app to grab attention with your tab when visitors get distracted by other sites
  • Set a custom message which will appear in the browser TAB bar
  • Get back your customers who tend to get distracted by other browser tabs
  • Easy to set-up

You can set the different TAB message like:

  • Hi beautiful !!
  • Please come back
  • Something special for you
  • Please come back !!

See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

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