Zip Code Validator

by ENS Enterprises

Allow customers to check product’s availability using zipcode

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About Zip Code Validator

Zip code validator is a tool that is designed to add a zip code availability. Customers can enter their area zip code and check if that product is available at their location or not. Store themes do not pre-include this feature. When a customer found that a specific product is not available at their locality, this can lead to a loss of customers from your store So zip code validator is this tool to help you out.

Key Features :

  • Zip code validator adds a widget that checks product availability at a zipcode on your store.
  • You can customize the appearance of the widget.
  • You can import the zipcodes from a CSV file.
  • You can export all your zipcodes in the form of CSV.
  • With one click you can enable or disable the widget on your store.
  • simple setup.

How It Works :

  • Install zip code validator at your store.
  • Install zip code validator at your store.
  • Enable the widget function from settings.
  • Zip code validator widget is visible on the product page at your store.
  • Now customers can enter the area zip code and check if the product is available at his/her location or not.

See the app in action

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